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Steampunk decoration

Do you prefer a retro or modern decoration? Elegant or bold? And why not choose everything? Let yourself be seduced by these golden sparks that you won’t find in Ikea. It’s the magic of the genre and the Steampunk culture, a captivating combination for your steampunk decorations.

A decorative style designed only for the boldest, bravest and who do not care what someone has to say about them. It’s already taking you a long time to think about it!

Vintage and retro decoration in Steampunk style

Prepare to scratch your pocket well, because it is not cheap. You will need to prepare yourself mentally for a job that can take decades to get ready, because getting everything you need for an aesthetic Steampunk decoration is a very slow process

Like vintage clothing, the Steampunk-style furniture combines, on the one hand, Victorian-style decorations, but also some gadgets and gadgets that look futuristic and stand out from the rest.

Registered typewriters and maps, essential Steampunk decorations

It will depend on you and the room you want to turn into a Steampunk space. Your living room will need an antique looking sofa, with furniture that looks old, full of books, and everything around it full of Steampunk style gadgets, like a bronze robotic glove, a mask, a typewriter…

Although, the room that best suits the Steampunk aesthetic decoration is an office. For example, it can become a studio. Shelves full of aged-looking retro books, a globe, a bronze telescope, a compass, a boat… and everything else, full of devices with golden gears that look like futuristic.

For example, on the ceiling some complex devices to measure the position of the stars, machines that do nothing but look so impressive that you really need them for your studies, a lamp with such an extravagant shape that it seems that, if it wasn’t there, it would break the harmony of space…. Everything has to fit in its place, so imagine the room in your mind and start working!

Your Steampunk furniture store

We told you that the Steampunk type furniture is usually not very cheap. But since we at Steampunker are good guys, we will help you with the offers in our extensive catalogue so that you can get something cheaper and save money to add other things to your precious room. And in the meantime we give you some offers that you can buy in our online shop to use at home!

Se il vostro stile è Steampunk non possono mancare nella vostra casa le decorazioni steampunk con i gadget e accessori roccamboleschi.

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