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Steampunk keys

It’s curious how some objects, no matter how you try to create a futuristic world, are always present and in a very special way. That’s what happens with Steampunk keys. They have ships to fly, they use the latest technology, but it’s a simple key to open doors. Would you like to have your own steampunk key?

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It is true that these keys do not open any lock, although with a little skill you can always build one for a trunk that fits that type of key. However, hanging it up with the rest of your keys will make you feel proud to have a real steampunk key.

They are characterized by their curious shapes, by the teeth worked to the smallest detail and because the palette can have different shapes. In fact, its shape is reminiscent of the keys used to wind watches.

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There are several ways to expose your precious steampunk key. The most common is with a pendant. It will be the size of a regular key, but with a string you can take it with you wherever you want, so it won’t mix with the rest of your keys.

Naturally there are also steampunk keys that act as earrings, with a curious shape to be part of a bracelet… the possibilities are almost endless! You wouldn’t do anything wrong to shuffle all the options you have with steampunk keys.

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As a demanding person, we understand you won’t settle for any trinkets. For this reason, in our online shop we will present you the largest catalogue of steampunk keys. In it you will find two things: products of unbeatable quality and such low prices that no one will be able to match. And with 24-hour shipping!

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