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Steampunk phone

Steampunk is not something you should live by dressing like a vintage character. It is something that you can also live at home, with a great decoration of this fashion. Why not start with something simple? Get rid of that phone you have in your living room to buy a great and fantastic steampunk phone… you have to start with something small!

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If you are one of those who live Steampunk fashion to the max, you would like to have your whole house decorated with Steampunk elements, right? A landline is a good place to start.

There are fully operational phones of this type. At first glance, although they seem very advanced and futuristic, they are inspired by the phones of the 50s and 60s. With a wheel it will be much better than with a numeric keypad.

But if you want to go a little further in your passion for this fashion, you also have the wall phones, imitating the first models of phones, but with a modern operating system. It will look great on your living room wall!

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Maybe it is not very practical to use these types of phones, after all, almost all of them are fixed. So, how about having a steampunk phone that’s just a piece of decoration?

A lot of people buy steampunk phones just to have them on display. There are some pretty eye-catching designs, like a steampunk skull with a phone, or one that doesn’t have any buttons, with the inside exposed and one like a very advanced model.

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